Our ingredients for success =

You won’t use a one-size-fits-all approach to dieting and exercise with us.  We foster a success-driven lifestyle defined by YOU.  We’ll help you create a customized weight management program designed for your life. You’ll learn about the drivers of your hunger and how to manage food differently.   Our live and online support system connects you with community members in all stages of the weight loss journey. 

How MY HUNGRY HEAD measures up.


You won't have to count points or live by a pre-determined program with us. We want you to learn about your personal hunger triggers and the nutrition you need to control your appetite.


There are no hidden fees, costly meals or confusing payment plans. We're a straight up affordable investment in yourself.


You're not locked in to any specific length of time. After the initial eight-week start up program you're to choose what works best for you.


We realize there a many different learning styles. You can learn in a class setting, group chats, videos or you can go old school and read our book.


You won't find boxed foods or pre-portioned meals with us. We love to eat. And we love real food. We want you to enjoy eating real food too.


We know managing weight is hard. Our communities are filled with people who "get it". You'll have access to a menu of support and helpful community members every step of the way.

STOP Regaining and START Maintaining

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