Because life is not about dieting.

It takes a village.


Get yourself the education, support, and motivation you need to achieve your weight loss goals – once and for all.

Community Educators

Join an army of passionate clinicians, wellness coaches, and health educators transforming minds, bodies, and lives.


Decrease health-risks with clinically tested resources that motivate individuals to achieve and maintain healthy weight loss.

It's a Book. A Program. A way of life.

We succeed where big boxed weight loss programs disappoint. We don’t expect you to buy into a set method or routine, we want you to invest in yourself.  My Hungry Head offers a customizable program that lets you take control of your appetite and manage your weight through education and strategic adaptation of a healthier mindset and mastery skills that make sense for your body and your lifestyle.  Couple that with the most supportive community around and you have an amazing recipe for success.

don't take our word for it.